April 17, 2010

projenin aslanlı yoldan törensel taşınışının kentsel fotoromanı

levent şentürk'ün iki projesi için taşkışla'da bir nevi korsan sergi... mart 2007... onur, erdem ve serap (?) da suç ortağı olmuşlardı... projenin aslanlı yoldan törensel taşınışının kentsel fotoromanı ve izzet yasar'ın ilgili yazısı da ekte. (izzet yasar, balta/zar; yky, istanbul, 1999) [levent şentürk bitirme projesi (levent şentürk, doxa yazıları; yky, istanbul, 2003), binanın eşgaline dair, levent şentürk, osmangazi üniversitesi, mimari proje V (?), 1996-97 (?)]
albüm burda
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April 11, 2010

Carlsberg autonomous zone: The dark zone of excitement, energy, production, life and playfulness!

burda bulunmayanları yazayım: sanıyorum bira çeşmesi yok. aslında musluklardan üçüncü bir çeşmeyle aksın diye de düşündüktü galiba... dayak duvarının aslı bu projede ama modellerde bi yere gömülü kalmıştı, bir sürü detay var.. çok detay var galiba, biraz oralara kaptırmıştık... bunun da teslimi apayrı macera idi bütün diğerleri gibi... evet acısıyla tatlısıyla: erdem, serap, onur ve ben
kış 2007

What kind of a place is the city? What do we do here? Why are we here in a city? What do we seek? In order to answer these questions we tried to be dreamers, rather than architects. A city, our city, sohuld be alive, safe, accesible; every moment, 24
hours a day, every season, all through the year; for everyone, every age, every income, including disabled and elderly people, not for some, but all! The city should provide services and endure economic activity, but moreover, it must facilitate creativity and entertain its inhabitants and visitors.

We envisage a city not ordinary, but interesting, and an inhabitant group who is not only consumer, but also producer; not only individualistic, but also communal; not only spectator, but participant. The city doesn’t have to be beautiful but it should be ours. So we commenced an imaginary bargain with Carlsberg. We imagined a social structure which may also indicate the prospective identity of this region.

Basically “Carlsberg Autonomous Zone” includes two organizational structures. One is the Carlsberg Real Estate Management that’s assigned by Carlsberg Company, which will develop and carry out all the building activity and manage economic issues. We preserved the heritage of Carlsberg and created a great opportunity for PR of Carlsberg brand with our landmark district; in addition to a fair amount of m2’s for marketing. The other structure is an ‘autonomous organization’ which carries out issues about maintenance of public zones, and social works.
The autonomous Zone Structure
The Autonomy may be the headquarters of playfulness spreading out to the whole life!

Autonomous organization is not only a municipal administration (maintaining social utilities, such as, open air sport areas, parks, gardens, winter garden etc.), but in addition, it is an experiment of direct-participatory-democracy in the attire of a foundation, which will be directed by the efforts and ideas of all the participants both from Carlsberg region and from outside. It doesn’t have a delegation system, but a coordination team which has a regular office, and meeting places for huge assemblies, but still relying mainly on communication via internet. It may be postulated that the real meeting place of the autonomy will be on the internet. Assets of the autonomy is a one time donation from Carlsberg Company, and is used for mainly social purposes. Two institutes have share from the revenue of the economic activities of the autonomy, one is an ‘institute for social works, academic studies and artistic activities,’ and the other is the ‘Institute for Game.’

Socio-Cultural Institution
Integrating Society
The institute for social works, academic studies and artistic activities accomodates social projects which integrate the social structure and facilitate participation, and also provides space and financial and institutional support for academic research, and artistic creation and performances. This institute, together with the coordination team of the autonomy, will have spare indoor spaces to be allocated or rented on an hourly basis, 24 hours round. An house for the elderly and a kindergarden which uses an ecological agricultural research center as garden area will also be managed by this institute.

“Institute”of Game

Giant dark game box:
The main purpose of constituting a permanent organization for game is to infiltrate the playful attitude into all of
the veins of the society. This institution which is the heart of our project, owns a giant dark shelter in the center, a black hole isolated from the ordinary course of life, facilitating, with its flexible arrangements, all kinds of games from most banal and ordinary ones to the most radical and experimental, continuously created and recreated by everybody and communicated through internet. Games may endure for days, for weeks, even for several months, so a quick cellular accomodation system is built on the inside of the outer membrane of the shelter. Although being separate game institute always works together with the autonomy teams and other institutions, in order to enlarge its territory to all of the Carlsberg region, all of the city, all of the world, and all of the activites; nothing set aside. These two institutions organize festivals several times of the year when all the institution doors are opened and Dionisiac spirit reached at its peak.

Architecture and City Life
Continuous green: topography of hills mountains and valleys!
So we started to seek an architectural embodiment of the city we envisaged. We are well avare that not every kind of people will follow gameful activities, but every age and every character would seek something pleasing to them in the city, bu still we seek to incorporate every kind of people into our city. Here we asked another essential, and rather old question: Can architecture facilitate peoples’ socializing, can architecture have an ‘in-betweening’ function? We weren’t thinking about architectural forms as architects, but, as the dreamers, about the functions required for architecture to be socially functional. Therefore we didn’t let it go with only economic purposes, but we devised several proposals for ‘Carlsberg Real-Estate Company’:
1. The mountain:
The high rise office building in the center of the area, while retaining its function, may be covered by an additional transparent structure (a steel frame and a transparent polymer based laminated glazing material) and in addition to being ecologically more efficient we may get an artificial climbing mountain, topped by a camping zone and moreover with a couple of bungee jumping cranes. South side of this mountain may be wider in order to be climbed from indoors. This would both be great place for fun and sports an also a great landmark and spectacle to be seen from all over Cophenagen. 2. The Mediterranean Square: Can a mediterranean square be placed in this climate zone? Temporarily climatized courtyards and back streets may be an answer to this question, a dense grid of back streets and a square, including two storey high cafe-bars, clubs, restaurants, shops, mini cinemas and play houses, workshops etc. may be a good entertainment solution; an alternative to the closed shopping mall, taking us back to the real and lively streets with a great night life. We placed on top of this grid, an independent formation of residences, addressed to very different social groups, to provide security all through the night. We also placed 24 hours working functions on some critical points in the back streets. 3. In-betweening: To facilitate social integration we propose (in addition to sports, dancing, game activities and other social activities etc.) a beer fountain with a little square around, a wintergarden, a wall to fight against, a party zone for concerts and parties, an open air festival field 4. Mixed use, mixed housing: Housing for every kind of people of every age to enrich the city life: some low rise, some detached, converted lofts, apartment blocks, dormitory housing, a house for elderly etc. And also temporary accomodation types for visitors, hotels, youth hostels, camping, cell dwelling...

Architectural arrangement and natural sustainability

Compact, energy efficient, accessible

Then we designed our architectural vision for the embodiment of social sustainability, ecological sustainability and economical sustainability. We excluded motor traffic in favor of pedestrian and bicycle routes, and imprisoned the cars into giant underground parking zones. We preserved existing buildings and green areas as much as possible. The central power station is preserved, as an efficient central heating and electric supply solution. On the eastern side, which is lower, we imagined a continuous green field with accessible slopes for the disabled, as a second ground floor. With extra dense but rather low rise (?) buildings, east side of the site became a continuous system of hills and valleys (terraces and courtyards), connected via bridges, slopes ramps and vertical circulation elements. This compact, energy efficient solution may be augmented by natural ventilation and daylighting with smart solutions like reflectors, light transmitting ventilator tubes and formation and orientation decisions of the courtyards.



Carlsberg economic activity

Autonomous zone activities